Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Hello there! I thought I'd start with an introduction to who I am and what this blog means to me. My name is Stephanie. I am currently a university student in my hometown of Edmonton. Since the start of 2014, I've slowly but surely started to develop a passion for the adventures my city has to offer. The local restaurants and boutiques, the hidden gems throughout the city... all of these discoveries have resulted in a greater appreciation for my hometown. In particular, the food adventures I go on are now a central part of my life. Discovering new places to eat, reading reviews, looking at pictures of the food and drink, and finally, being able to experience the adventure myself is truly exciting. I've always taken pictures of my food and posted it on my Instagram, but now that my summer break has begun I think this is the perfect time for me to take it one step further and start my own blog.

The idea of starting my own blog has never occurred to me until more recently. I've never blogged before, so why would I suddenly do this now? My inspiration for this blog comes from the entire Edmonton foodie community! I like to check the hashtag "yegfood" on Instagram (#yegfood), and I feel inspired everytime I see the beautiful photos of food and drinks from places all over Edmonton. I love the sense of belonging I feel everytime I share my photos with this amazing community. 

While my food adventures will most likely be the primary focus of my blog, I don't want to limit myself on just food posts. I have a love for fashion, video games, anime, and stuffed animals. I'm looking forward to blogging about many different things that I love. Hopefully you enjoy reading about my adventures. 

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