Monday, June 30, 2014

Tasty Choice

There was actually a brief period when I was all caught up with my blog posts, but now I am behind with them again (as expected). Last Tuesday, I went on an unplanned shopping trip with my cousin and aunt to look for a dress for my brother's wedding. After having no luck in the first few stores we went to, I managed to find the perfect dress with the help of my mom who arrived later on. I left with my mom and other cousin and we decided to check out South Edmonton Common for some more shopping. But first, food! My mom was asking me for suggestions, and since we were heading down Calgary Trail I knew I had to take this chance to go to Tasty Choice! 

Tasty Choice ( is located down Calgary Trail and is connected to what I believe is an office space on the upper floors. I've been to Tasty Choice a few times in the past, so I thought I would try it out again! Stepping inside, there are a lot of cute, colourful posters and displays. There are also tables with regular chairs, as well as tables with big leather couches for relaxing on. 

The interior.

My mom wanted to sit at a table with regular chairs, but I obviously insisted on sitting on the huge leather couch. After sitting down, I think I would've preferred sitting at a regular chair because I found the couch to be a bit too low compared to the height of the table. It made for some uncomfortable eating and picture taking on my part. Oh well. 

The menu.

The menu at Tasty Choice is quite big, but I loved that they added pictures with some of the dishes! Tasty Choice offers a variety of appetizers, rice dishes, bubble tea and desserts. So many items to choose from! I decided I would get something sweet since I had already eaten some dumplings earlier, while my mom and cousin picked two different rice dishes for themselves. 

The poster display.

While waiting, my mom was mostly preoccupied trying to read these posters. She pointed out how Tasty Choice had extended summer hours. Monday to Thursday they are open till 12am and on Friday and Saturday they are open till 1am. This would definitely make a great late night hangout spot. 

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl. 

The first dish to come out was my cousin's Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl ($7.99). This dish is served with teriyaki chicken (of course) with vegetables over rice. I didn't try it, but I didn't really hear any complaints from him. There was a lot of steam coming from the bowl, so I knew it was freshly made and quite warm. 

Taro Bubble Tea.

I ordered my cousin a small Taro Bubble Tea ($3.99) to drink. He said he didn't want it because he was already getting full from the food, so he gave it to me. The bubble tea at Tasty Choice is really good - very similar to the bubble tea served at Dream Tea House. The only thing I didn't like were the tapioca balls! I always order bubble tea without the tapioca, so I had to put in some effort to avoid getting them into my straw. 

Mini HK Style French Toast.

The dish I chose is actually one of their appetizers - Mini HK Style French Toast ($5.50). I've never had HK Style French Toast before, so I thought I would give it a try here. It is served as 6 mini pieces, drizzled with maple syrup on top with a square of butter on the side. I thought my French toast had the perfect amount of crispiness and sweetness. I loved how it is already cut into smaller pieces which made it a lot easier for me to eat. My mom wanted to try a piece, and she thought it was yummy as well! 

Korean BBQ Beef Rice Bowl.

Next to arrive at our table was my mom's pick - Korean BBQ Beef Rice Bowl ($8.99). She said she wanted something with Korean flavours for lunch, so that's why she chose this dish! As she was eating, she was commenting on how the portion size was actually quite big for a seemingly small bowl. She let me have some of her food because she couldn't finish it all. I personally thought the beef had a flavour that was too strong and "in your face"... it's a bit hard to describe, but I just wished it had a more mellow taste. Nevertheless, I still liked the savouriness since the food I had picked was on the sweeter side. 

Strawberry Cream Crepe.

Finally, my Strawberry Cream Crepe ($5.50) was the last to arrive! I was so excited to eat this! In the past, I would go here with my sister and my cousin just to get their crepes. The Strawberry Cream Crepe is made with sliced strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. The first couple bites aren't as appetizing because you only taste the actual crepe, but as you work your way to the bottom all the flavours tucked away come together. I just wish that they added more strawberries and cream towards the top part of the crepe so that it would taste even better. Eating this crepe definitely brings back a lot of childhood memories. 

Tasty Choice is an awesome place to go for some Asian dishes, desserts, and bubble tea. They are open late if you're ever in need of a midnight snack, and the big couches are perfect for lounging on with a group of friends. The prices for food and drinks are quite reasonable - not too expensive at all. I would definitely want to come back here to try more desserts for sure! The best part about this place? The One Piece figurines inside their display cases! Coolest thing ever... I absolutely love One Piece! 

I need all of this in my room.

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