Monday, March 2, 2015

La Poutine

Hey everyone! It's the first Monday of March, and I've unfortunately caught a cold just in time for midterm season (bleh). So before I get back to that study grind, I thought I would write a short and sweet post about one of my favourite food places: La Poutine

The interior.

To put it simply: if you've never been to La Poutine, you're seriously missing out. Located along 109 Street in the Garneau neighbourhood, La Poutine is an eatery that specializes in poutine, which is also less formally known as the Canadian salad originating from Quebec. The combination of fries, gravy, and cheese curds is an all time favourite of mine. 

Our food.

I'll admit that the first time I went here, I was asked if I've ever had poutine before. I responded with, "Only the ones from New York Fries". I was then told I would be getting "real poutine" here, so I couldn't wait to see what it was like. At La Poutine, the fries are hand cut using russet potatoes and fried twice in canola oil, while the gravy is served as either traditional or Western style. The cheese curds are locally made and perfectly fresh. 

Supreme Poutine.

I normally get the Canadian Poutine whenever I come here, but on this particular day CJ and I told each other to try something new instead. I went for the regular sized Supreme Poutine ($8.50) which is listed under their Pork options. This particular poutine is topped with bacon bits, sour cream, and green onions. I love how La Poutine offers so many different kinds of poutine combinations: there is something for everyone! The traditional gravy was nice and light, the bacon bits were delicious and the amount added was spot on, and the sour cream and green onions provided more flavour and texture. Of course, the fries were beautifully crispy, and the cheese curds had the most satisfying squeak with every bite. 

BBQ Chicken Poutine.

CJ got himself the regular sized BBQ Chicken Poutine ($8.50), which is topped with roasted chicken breast and BBQ sauce. La Poutine also offers a large serving size, along with a choice of the traditional gravy, beef gravy (which is thicker and darker), and gluten free. I thought the BBQ chicken was quite flavourful and paired nicely with the rest of the poutine. CJ also commented how it was his first time feeling and hearing the cheese curds squeak in his mouth! I had mentioned that during the first few times we went, but he never understood what I meant until now. Yay! 

My fave. 

I highly recommend heading over to La Poutine the next time you have a poutine craving. You probably won't want to settle with another poutine from the food court after trying the ones here. The poutine is always light and delicious and doesn't leave me feeling icky afterwards. They also have some vegan and vegetarian options as well! There are only a few seats inside the place, so it's perfect for grabbing a lunch to go or for a casual date with a friend. La Poutine also offers a pretty good Groupon deal, so CJ and I tend to come here whenever the deal reappears again hehe. We're two big fans of the poutine here, as well as the music they play while we eat, so we will definitely continue visiting this eatery! 

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