Monday, June 15, 2015

Brooklyn Tomato

After exploring the newest and biggest Canadian Tire in Canada (and maybe even the world?) located in South Edmonton Common last Friday afternoon with CJ, a lunch break was much needed. Walking around in a massive store with two floors is tiring after all. The night before I had learned of the grand opening of a restaurant named Brooklyn Tomato (104 - 2920 Calgary Trailwhich relocated to Calgary Trail from their former establishment in Bonnie Doon. I will happily welcome any new food business that opens up in the southside! 

Brooklyn Tomato Modern Vietnamese Restaurant.
Business Hours.

Brooklyn Tomato is located in the same building as Tasty Choice although it is a bit further inwards from the main road. That being said, there is plenty of parking space available. And I know what you're thinking... why is a modern Vietnamese restaurant named Brooklyn Tomato... that doesn't seem fitting! The name doesn't bother me in particular... in fact, I think Brooklyn Tomato is kind of cool to say! 

The interior.
The interior... really big space!

My first thought stepping inside the restaurant: "This place is soooo big!". The photo above shows only one side of the restaurant which is to the left when walking in... there is still an area to the right that is just as spacious (and clean)! Definitely no shortage of seating here! Given the big space I would say that Brooklyn Tomato is a great choice for larger group outings. 

The menu... sorry about the glare!
Menu: Appetizers | Soup | Beef Noodle Soup (Pho) | Chicken Noodle Soup.
Menu: Vermicelli | Grilled Meat Steamed Rice | Wok Fried Rice Dish | Sizzling Plate - Seafood.
Menu: Sizzling Plate continued - Beef & Chicken | Stir Fried Noodle | Wok Fried - Seafood & Beef.
Menu: Wok Fried continued - Chicken & Pork | Vegetarian | Desserts.

There is a lot of selection on the menu at Brooklyn Tomato, but it is fairly easy to understand given the descriptions and pictures provided for some food items. I initially only wanted to share a dessert with CJ but after wandering around Canadian Tire for a good hour or so, we both wanted something more filling. 

Grilled Chicken with Steamed Rice.

We both had our eye on the choices under Grilled Meat Steamed Rice ($12.95). I told CJ to say which meat he wanted on the dish and I would do the same at the count of 3. "1... 2... 3... Chicken!" was what we both said. Lol, we really are meant to be! Accompanying the meat and rice are two wok fried eggs, shredded lettuce and marinated carrot, tomato and cucumber. The chicken and rice are also topped with green onion. This dish tasted exactly like how it looked. No surprising flavours, no questionable textures. A simple, classic rice dish with perfectly cooked chicken, eggs to bring the flavours up a notch, and vegetables to refresh the palate. The portion size was great for sharing with CJ since I don't tend to eat that much anyways. Apparently CJ found that there was more meat compared to the rice we were given but I felt the opposite... in fact, the amount of rice I had was perfect since I find that other restaurants serve smaller portions of rice than what I would prefer. 

Grilled Pineapple and Banana.

CJ and I came here for dessert so of course we had to order one. I chose their Grilled Pineapple and Banana ($4.95) which is served with a creamy coconut sauce and vanilla ice cream. Since I tend to go for desserts with chocolate, this dessert consisting of fruit was a nice change. I absolutely loved the warm, grilled banana and pineapple topped with nuts paired with the contrasting cold ice cream. My favourite part was the creamy coconut sauce which had small tapioca pearls in it... so yummy! Both CJ and I really enjoyed this dessert. I would love to recreate this at home. 

Our experience at Brooklyn Tomato was very positive. Because it was only CJ and I in one quiet corner of the restaurant, I felt relaxed and free to take my food photos and eat at my own leisurely pace. Our server was friendly and attentive, with our food arriving fairly quick too. I recommend checking out Brooklyn Tomato if you're in the mood for modern Vietnamese cuisine - you'll also be supporting a new, local restaurant as well. I wish Brooklyn Tomato all the best at their new south Edmonton location. Don't forget to check them out on Facebook

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