Friday, July 3, 2015

Scoop n Roll

Happy July! Now that summer has officially kicked off with very hot weather to match, I often find myself turning towards ice cream to keep cool. From the store-bought varieties to the simple, homemade recipes, ice cream has always been an enjoyable treat for all ages. Lately I've been making trips to the local farmers' market or other locations across the city to try ice cream offered by different businesses. My most recent ice cream adventure? Scoop n Roll Creamery

Scoop n Roll.

I learned about Scoop n Roll through Instagram just a week ago. I was very excited when I discovered that they created ice cream served as rolls! This concept of ice cream made fresh right before your eyes originated from Thailand, where street vendors expertly create ice cream rolls using only a few tools. Click here or here to see how the ice cream is made in Thailand! 

In spite of my excitement to try Scoop n Roll, I didn't know how soon I could check them out since they are located in north Edmonton - a 30 minute drive for me and an area of the city I don't usually frequent. However, when the owner of Scoop n Roll connected with me via Twitter, I thought "Alright, it's time to finally check them out!". I somehow convinced CJ to drive us and soon we were well on our way to trying rolled ice cream! 

Concession trailer.

Scoop n Roll is a concession trailer found in the parking lot in front of Canadian Tire (9603 162 Ave) on 162 Ave and 97 Street. They are not there everyday so be sure to check out the Street Food Edmonton app or follow their social media pages to find out when they are open. Scoop n Roll is owned and operated by Andrew, the first to bring the ice cream made fresh concept to Edmonton. 

The menu.

The ice cream at Scoop n Roll is made to be very customizable. Choose from a selection of ice cream flavours and add in two free mix-ins. It is then served as either scoops or rolls in a cup or a waffle cone for just $5. My pick was vanilla ice cream with blueberries and strawberries. 

So how is it made? Click below to watch the video I took showing how the ice cream was made from start to finish (or click here to watch the video on Youtube):

Just some photos showing the initial stages of the ice cream being made: 

Ice cream made fresh.

Here is a summary of the process: first, milk is combined with whatever flavour you chose from the list. This ice cream base is then poured onto a very cold surface along with your choice of mix-ins. Metal spatulas are used to cut the mix-ins into smaller pieces in addition to spreading the mixture across the surface several times. Finally, the ice cream is spread evenly over the surface to ensure that it freezes consistently and then it is pushed into rolls. 

Ice cream rolls!

The end result: ice cream rolls made fresh right before my eyes! Perfectly creamy and delicious and a nice portion size to boot. I also loved the extra strawberry and blueberry toppings! It was so much fun to eat as rolls too. Tip: the fruit-flavoured ice cream flavours form rolls really nicely! 

CJ's ice cream rolls.

CJ decided to try chocolate with strawberry and banana mix-ins. His ice cream formed beautiful rolls. He also said it tasted awesome!

Thank you Andrew for the sweet treat and for bringing ice cream rolls to Edmonton! Trying out this creative way of making ice cream was definitely worth the trip. I'm looking forward to eating more Scoop n Roll ice cream this summer. Don't forget to check out Scoop n Roll's Facebook page and follow them on Instagram (@scoopnroll) and Twitter (@scoop_roll)! 

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