Friday, July 25, 2014

Oodle Noodle

While having a late afternoon snack with CJ at Teapsy Cafe (see previous post), I soon found out that both of us didn't eat an actual lunch yet! CJ kept insisting that he was okay, but I knew he was hungry and wanted something more filling to eat. I suggested to stop by Oodle Noodle ( since we both wanted something quick and inexpensive. 

Oodle Noodle is a restaurant that offers flavours from 7 Asian nations. While they specialize in noodles, they also have some starters, salads, and other dishes with Far East flavours. CJ and I went to their Whyte Ave location, but they also have 6 other locations in Edmonton and the Greater Edmonton Area. 

The interior (with CJ watching the food being made).

The interior of Oodle Noodle's Whyte Ave location isn't the most spacious, with only a couple booths and tall chairs overlooking the kitchen area. While waiting for our food, I found that most people would order their food to go. Oodle Noodle also delivers, however they do not deliver south of 34th Ave (shame the two of us live in the southside lol!). You can even pick up your order at one of their locations as well. 

The menu.

There are two large menus on the wall on opposite sides to each other. With so many different types of noodles, it's hard not to want to try them all! I loved the fact that each food item had a description underneath. For all the wok dishes, you can choose to have it made with either chicken, beef, tofu, or shrimp. Some of the dishes are marked as vegan-friendly, while others are gluten-free. Literally anyone can find something to eat at Oodle Noodle! 

Take out box.

I absolutely love the take out box that the noodles come in! It is bright blue and decorated with white pixel clouds all around. So cute! It reminds me of old school Super Mario Bros... anyone else feeling nostalgic? 

Pancit Canton (front) and Bombay Butter Chicken (back).

The wok dish I ordered was Oodle Noodle's Pancit Canton ($9.45) with chicken as my choice of meat. Pancit Canton is a popular Filipino dish - I eat this at home all the time! The chef actually asked me what size of Mandarin noodles I wanted, and I chose the skinnier size over the thicker one. There are also some vegetables mixed in with the noodles as well. I got my noodles freshly made, so of course it was quite hot. The first couple bites of a piping hot dish were just okay, but after letting it cool down a bit, eating the noodles became much more enjoyable. There was a delicious spicy flavour that built up as I ate more noodles... super addicting! Another thing to note is that even though the take out box looks pretty small, I actually found there to be a lot of noodles inside! 

Bombay Butter Chicken.

The dish CJ chose for our late lunch was their Bombay Butter Chicken ($10.95). The butter chicken is served with naan and rice. Butter chicken is definitely one of my favourite things to eat! It's not overly spicy, and I love the rich and creamy taste of it. When paired with rice or naan... it's heaven in my mouth. CJ finished his food really quickly - a sign that he enjoyed everything! 

Going to Oodle Noodle for the first time together, CJ and I had a positive experience there! It's great that the food is made to order, so everything tasted nice and fresh. I would recommend Oodle Noodle if you're looking for some tasty Asian food made in a casual atmosphere that is also affordable. Another bonus is that they are generally open late on Fridays and Saturdays - even until 3:00am at both of their Downtown locations! Perfect for hungry night owls. Also... who wouldn't want to receive their food in a cute bright blue take out box!? 

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