Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teapsy Cafe

Let's get TEAPSYYY!!! That's exactly what CJ and I did two weeks ago, when we finally got to go to Teapsy Cafe ( I first heard about Teapsy Cafe a couple months ago from a friend, who told me they served all kinds of Asian snacks and bubble tea. Since then, I've always been asking CJ to go here, but we never really had the chance to do so. That's when he spontaneously picked me up from home and told me we could go where ever I wanted to go without him complaining. So sweet of you bb! 

I knew Teapsy was down Whyte Ave, but I didn't know specifically where. Taking the bus from the University Station, I ended up getting off at the stop that was just before the correct one. Ooops. CJ and I had to walk down Whyte Ave for a bit before I located Teapsy, but he was okay with that. He was able to check out a store called The Briefing Room, which he said would be his "new favourite store" (lol). 

We stepped into Teapsy to find ourselves in a room with a couple of tables and some games on a shelf to the side. One of the walls is bright red with a mural of angel wings painted on it. I didn't take a picture of it, but it looked very pretty! CJ and I decided to take a seat at a table meant for two people close to the entrance. Two menus were given to us, and after looking through it we decided to get ourselves drinks and a dessert to share. 

Pool, anyone?

While waiting for our food and drinks, CJ brought over a mini pool table from the shelf filled with games. Teapsy also has a variety of board games and card games if you're more into that. I'm not the best pool player... but CJ still let me win our short game of pool anyways! 

When our server arrived with our dessert, she asked us if we wanted to move to a larger table. The larger tables near the windows were actually all occupied when CJ and I first came in, but seeing that they were now empty, I naturally took up her offer to move! The seating at the larger table was more comfy, and I could sit beside CJ instead of across from him. Also, better lighting for pictures! 

Shaved Ice.

The dessert I chose to share with CJ was their Shaved Ice ($7.95). At Teapsy, you can choose three items for toppings, and also add matcha ice cream for an extra $3. The toppings I chose were original flavour mochi, mango bobba (bubble pops), and pudding. Other toppings include tapioca, red beans, green beans, natural, grass or lychee jelly, taro, aloe, and strawberry or yogurt bobba. There are also more flavours of mochi as well. A small cup of condensed milk is given on the side, which you then have to pour into the shaved ice to give it flavour. After that, feel free to mix everything together to get a delicious treat! 

Our shaved ice dessert with our drinks.

This was actually the first time CJ and I have had a Shaved Ice dessert together! We actually felt we were eating it incorrectly (do you mix it all together or not?), but we thought the idea was similar to a traditional Filipino dessert we've had called Halo-Halo. Halo-Halo translates to "mix-mix", where you mix the shaved ice together with all the different toppings. Yummy! I really enjoyed the mango bobba and pudding, though I wished I would've picked a different flavour of mochi instead of the original. Shaved Ice is definitely a good pick if you're looking for something sweet and cold but is also customizable. 

Champagne Grape Yogurt Slush.

CJ's drink was the first to arrive at our table. He chose the Champagne Grape Yogurt Slush ($5.50). He also had the option to get this drink as a juice, but he preferred to have it as a slush. I had a sip of his drink, and I could really taste the grape flavour! Since it is more on the icy side, it isn't as milky as bubble tea drinks are, so I thought this was pleasantly refreshing. CJ's been loving grape flavours lately, so I knew he enjoyed his drink! 

Taro Bling Bling.

The drink I chose was the Taro Milk Slush with Matcha Ice Cream Bling Bling ($6). This drink is essentially taro bubble tea topped with whipped cream and a small scoop of green tea ice cream. I thought the taro milk slush tasted delicious, with the consistency being just slightly thicker than the bubble tea you find at Dream Tea House. This drink also has no tapioca (hence why it is called a milk slush), which I thought was great for me since I don't really like tapioca anyways. I loved how the green tea ice cream would melt into the taro milk slush... it made the drink taste even better! 

CJ and I had a great time at Teapsy Cafe. The weather outside wasn't the most beautiful this day, so I loved the cozy feeling of sharing a dessert with CJ. There is also Shaw Go Wifi at Teapsy (cheers to free wifi hahaha), so we got to watch the first episode of the second season of Sword Art Online. Definitely an awesome way to spend a late afternoon on a Thursday. 

Overall, if you're looking for a new hangout spot, Teapsy Cafe is a good place to go! While they mostly specialize in drinks (milk tea, bubble tea, etc.), they also have a few savoury dishes if you want something more filling. Another thing to note is that they are open pretty late (midnight and until 1:00am on Fridays and Saturdays), so it's a good place to stop by for a late night snack. Next time, I would want to go with a few more friends and try their waffles!

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