Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Block 1912

Happy Tuesday! So I'm aware that it's been more than a week since I last posted... I guess you could say I was on a blogging roll at the start of May. Blogging was postponed mostly because CJ returned from vacation so naturally, I wanted to spend time with him. He is my number one distraction after all.

Now let's get this blog post started. If you frequent Whyte Ave like I do, I'm sure you've passed by Block 1912, a European cafe located beside the intersection of 104 Street and 82 Ave. I'll admit the outside appearance is a little unassuming, but stepping inside you'll find yourself in a big space looking at tons of comfy couches and chairs that extend all the way from the entrance to the very far end of the cafe.

Sorry, not the best photos of the interior.

Block 1912 offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in addition to coffee and drinks. I've heard a lot of good things about the soups, lasagnas, and casseroles they serve too. But the real stand out for me? Their pastries. They have a huge display of pastries with a lot of selection, so there's something for everyone. The beauty of the food at Block 1912 is that it is all made from scratch in house. 

Our spread of desserts and hot drinks.

I guess one of the biggest downsides (for me) of Block 1912 is the lack of natural lighting available. There is really only one window near the entrance with few seating nearby. If you're lucky enough to snag one of those window seats, do it! You'll get better quality photos that aren't grainy like mine. 

White Hot Chocolate.

CJ ordered a White Hot Chocolate ($3.50), which he actually enjoys more than a regular hot chocolate. This one, however, tasted oddly like cotton candy. It was just okay in my opinion.

Vanilla Milk Steamer.

I ordered a Vanilla Milk Steamer ($3.50), which is my favourite option if I don't feel like drinking hot chocolate. This drink was light and frothy, although I wish the vanilla flavour in mine was more prominent. 

Chocolate Marquise.

CJ also got their Chocolate Marquise (~$6) which is a moist, rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate glaze, and decorated with chocolate shavings and hints of gold. Basically a chocolate lovers dream dessert. This cake was quite rich, although the chocolate mousse provided a nice creaminess with each bite. Also, those golden flakes on top are such a beautiful touch! 

Cappuccino Cake.

I was a little torn deciding which pastry I wanted, but I ultimately went for their Cappuccino Cake (~$6). This is a coffee sponge cake with espresso buttercream and white chocolate mousse. The buttercream was light and sweet and paired perfectly with the moist cake. I also enjoyed how the coffee flavour wasn't too strong so my friends (who aren't coffee lovers or drinkers) could try some too. 

Pistachio Cake.

Jeline and Yusra both chose the Pistachio Cake ($6), which was smaller in size compared to the cakes CJ and I chose. This dessert is a vanilla sponge cake with pistachio mousse, coated in white chocolate and pistachio. Jeline and Yusra described it as light, creamy, nutty, and not overly sweet. Sounds delicious if you ask me. 

Lastly, Jeline ordered a London Fog ($4.75). Surprisingly, I don't have a picture of just the drink itself. She said the drink had a good, strong flavour that wasn't too sweet. 

I highly recommend checking out Block 1912 if you're in need of a coffee and dessert break. If sweets aren't really your thing, they also offer salads, hot meals, sandwiches, and tapas as well. The atmosphere is really cozy and relaxing so it's a great spot for studying, catching up with friends, or reading a good book. They are open until 12 AM from Monday to Saturday and until 11 PM on Sunday which is perfect for any night owls. 

P.S. I heard one of their tables has a drawer containing napkin notes and letters! How cool is that? If I ever find myself at that table, I would love to add my own napkin note to the collection. Also makes for a great read and conversation with friends! 

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