Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fuss Cupcakes

Whenever I have a cupcake craving, I constantly find myself having to make the trek to either Whyte Ave or Downtown for a sweet treat. In fact, there are quite a few cupcakeries that have taken up residence in Old Strathcona, but it's no surprise - the neighbourhood is always bustling with people looking to try new food, shopping, or simply enjoying the sites Edmonton has to offer. Sometimes, however, I don't always want to travel there for a cupcake. So when I learned that Fuss Cupcakes was opening up a new location in South Edmonton, I was super excited! Finally, a cupcakery that is much closer for me to get to! 

The interior and cupcake display.

The new Fuss Cupcakes location is in Terwillegar, along Rabbit Hill Road and 23 Ave. If you're looking for landmarks, it is in the strip mall in the same area as Tim Hortons, right beside the Tokyo Express. They opened up in mid-January this year. I believe that this location is slightly bigger than their Whyte Ave location, but it could just be the bright white walls and perfectly clear glass display cases making the entire shop appear very spacious. 

Of course, when you walk in, you'll find yourself looking at a beautiful, neatly lined up display of brightly coloured cupcakes! So many options to choose from! The names of each cupcake are shown with a description written underneath, so you can read up on each cupcake before picking. There are also mini cupcakes, cookies, and truffles available too. Cakes and specialty orders are offered as well. 

Our cupcakes.

CJ and I decided to get our cupcakes to stay. Two high seats are available that overlook the Terwillegar shopping area, and another table to the right of the entrance provides seating for two as well. As such, there isn't a lot of seating available, so most customers got their cupcakes to go. 

A quick note on the flavours at Fuss Cupcakes: they have 6 everyday favourites, which are flavours that they keep consistently. 6 weekly specials are offered at the start of every Monday, and they rotate on an 8 week rotation. So if you came in for a cupcake from their weekly specials, you would have to wait for the next week it is available again if you want it in the future. Complicated? Just check out their Calendar on their website to see which week they are serving certain cupcakes. 

Chocolate Mint.

Being a lover of the mint and chocolate combination, I unsurprisingly chose their Chocolate Mint ($3.25) cupcake. This cupcake is from their "Pink Menu", which will be available the week of May 18-24. I recommend getting something from their weekly specials if you want to try something new, just because the everyday favourites are available all the time. This particular cupcake is a chocolate cake with a Belgian chocolate mint buttercream on top. Along with a piece of European dark chocolate for decoration, a mint green icing leaf is piped on top of the buttercream. I immediately fell in love with this cupcake after taking my first bite... the cake itself was light and perfectly moist! Just the right amount of mint and chocolate flavour to create a delicious balance. Not overwhelmingly sweet either. 

The Godfather.

At first CJ was going to get something from their everyday favourites selection, but I reminded him that there are some flavours that are available only on certain weeks. As a result, he ended up getting The Godfather ($3.25), which is a tiramisu cake topped with mascarpone cream cheese frosting and dusted with cocoa. According to their website, this cupcake was supposed to be topped with a cookie wafer, but there wasn't any present on all The Godfather cupcakes. Weird. I only had a small bite from CJ's cupcake, but just like my Chocolate Mint, it was also deliciously moist too. CJ instantly devoured this one. Yummy even without the cookie wafer! 

Assorted Truffles.

Another thing that CJ picked up was a box of their Assorted Truffles ($17.95). For a total of 12 nut free truffles, there were four of 3 different flavours in the box. He ended up giving these to me later on, and we snacked on them while we were studying (as you can see, he had already eaten 3 before I took a picture of it). These truffles were just good in my opinion - not really any spectacular flavours. Our personal favourite was the milk chocolate with coconut toppings! 

Fuss Cupcakes is a great place to go if you're in need of a cupcake fix. I love how some of the cupcake flavours change every week, making it a new eating experience every time. The cupcakes are so soft and moist which make them very tasty! Along with their Whyte Ave and Terwillegar locations, they also have a store on Stony Plain Road in the west side. Be sure to follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on the weekly flavours and other in store specials! 

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