Thursday, August 6, 2015

K-Days 2015

Do you have a list of summer festivals that you make sure to attend each year? I do! K-Days is just one of many summer festivals in Edmonton I enjoy visiting. During this annual 10 day exhibition, Northlands Park transforms into an exciting fair ground complete with rides, concerts, food, and so much more. Let's not forget about the huge shopping area and multiple indoor attractions as well.

I went to K-Days with CJ on the very last day and we decided to spend most of our time trying out midway food. Last year I only ate food from the indoor food court named "Eat at the Grand" so I wanted to give the new midway food a try. Click here to check out my recap of K-Days 2014.

Dulce Mini Donut Popsicle.

Not even 5 minutes had passed after entering the fair grounds and I had already scouted out the first new food item I wanted to try: a Dulce Mini Donut Popsicle ($5) from Family Freezed. I thought this popsicle was quite enjoyable... it wasn't rock-hard frozen when I got it so I could actually bite into it without the cold hurting my teeth. At the same time, it didn't melt quickly so it held its shape as we walked around in the sun. As for the taste, the specks of cinnamon in the popsicle created the perfect complement to the mini donut bits. I loved seeing these two summer time favourites come together into one delicious treat. Family Freezed is a Calgary based company making gourmet ice pops but I hope to see them again at K-Days next year!

Pineapple Whip.

I'm sad to say that I didn't go to Disneyland during my trip to Southern California this year so I couldn't try their famous Disneyland Dole Whip. But when I learned that there would be a version of it at K-Days, I knew I needed to try it! This Pineapple Whip ($5) can be found at two stalls in the centre of the Midway - just look for the large sign saying "Pineapple Whip" or the big soft serve ice cream cone. I was expecting the pineapple whip to be yellow in colour, but this one was pure white. Nevertheless, this treat was very light and refreshing! I thought the portion size was great too. I definitely want to recreate this at home using Gemma Stafford's vegan and gluten free recipe

Crazy Cone.

Even more sweets! Another new food item at K-Days this year was the Crazy Cone ($6), a hollow J-shaped puffed corn tube filled with your choice of vanilla or chocolate (or both!) soft serve ice cream. I opted for both ice cream flavours to get the best of both worlds. I thought the soft serve had a slightly heavier icy taste but that made it ideal for holding its shape at the ends of the cone. The flavour of the crunchy, puffed corn tube was mild so it paired surprisingly well with the ice cream. Overall, this wasn't too, too crazy but still very fun to eat. 

Maple Bacon Box.

After taking in all the indoor attractions, something more filling was a must. We headed back outside to try the Maple Bacon Box ($11 for a large), a new noodle box offering from SaltSpring Noodle Bar. It was nice to see that the noodles were cooked fresh and in water instead of oil. Made with chicken, bacon, and noodles in a sweet maple sauce, the sweet and savoury flavour combination was a huge hit for us. CJ also noted that the noodles were cut quite shorter than expected, but I thought that was a good thing because it meant for more bites (which gave the illusion of eating more). In fact, we brought this noodle box indoors to watch the last SuperDogs show of the day and ended up finishing it all more than 30 minutes later (quite a long time if you ask me lol!). 


Overall, the midway food I had during my trip to K-Days was great. Each item was fun and appealing in its own way, and most importantly, everything I ate was memorable. I'm glad that I was more adventurous this year since 3 out of 4 food items I tried were new to K-Days! My personal favourite among the four was definitely the Pineapple Whip because it was the most refreshing option on a hot summer day. This year's food experience was way better than last year even though I mostly ate sweet food. I'm already looking forward to seeing what new food will be offered at K-Days 2016. Be sure to follow K-Days on Twitter (@KDaysyeg) and like their Facebook page!

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