Thursday, August 20, 2015

Las Vegas: Ciao Ciao Cafe & Bar

Another popular place to get a cold treat on the Las Vegas Strip is at Ciao Ciao Cafe & Bar, located deep inside The Forum Shops (specifically across the huge H&M) at Caesars Palace. It is not immediately accessible from outside, so this kiosk is ideal to check out after some shopping. 


The main offering at Ciao Ciao Cafe & Bar is gelato... and lots of it. There are multiple glass cases with so many different flavours of gelato, it's hard to choose just one flavour! They also sell drinks and more filling food like pizza, nachos, and hot dogs. 

Mango Sorbetto and Strawberry Sorbetto.

The gelato here is a little pricey. The Regular, or smallest, size (1 flavour) costs $6.25, Mid-Size (1-2 flavours) costs $7.99, V.I.P. (1, 2, or 3 flavours) costs $9.99 and is the most popular size, and Terminator (1, 2, or 3 flavours) costs $12.99. I wasn't going to buy any at first, but I couldn't resist! I ended up choosing the Strawberry Sorbetto in the regular size for myself, while my sister-in-law went with the Mango Sorbetto. 

Strawberry Sorbetto.

Using a tiny spoon to pick up tiny scoops of gelato many times really gives the illusion that you're eating more than you actually are. I thought my strawberry sorbetto was refreshing and not too sweet (maybe a little sour, but not in a terribly bad way). I tried some of my sister-in-law's mango sorbetto and I loved how sweeter it was compared to mine. Was this worth the $6.25? For the flavour I picked, probably not. I would recommend getting the V.I.P. size instead since it comes in a much larger cup and is only a few dollars more. 

The gelato at Ciao Ciao Cafe & Bar is something I would purchase if I wanted to treat myself. I wouldn't consider this shop a go-to place for a cool treat just because of its expensive price. However, I thought the sorbetto was of high quality so definitely give Ciao Ciao Cafe & Bar a visit if you're in the mood for some gelato/sorbetto. Just be prepared to pay a slightly hefty price (especially if you're just getting the regular size!). 

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