Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Las Vegas: BLVD Creamery

The desert heat in Las Vegas can get really intense, so I'm glad there are tons of ice cream/gelato options available on The Strip. While on a night time walk with my family, I decided to stop by BLVD Creamery for a cold treat. 

The menu.

BLVD Creamery is an ice cream shop located at the Monte Carlo hotel. The ice cream can be served in a cup, cone, or as an ice cream sandwich. There are also alcohol infused milkshakes for the adults. 

I'm afraid I didn't take any shots of the interior, but I thought the shop looked really nice - bright lights, fun and colourful details, and an entire wall dedicated to their merchandise (which included stuffed animals!). 

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

It was almost a few minutes until their closing time at 11:00 PM, so there wasn't a lot of selection left. I went for my all time favourite ice cream flavour: mint chocolate chip. A single scoop cost me $3.50, but a triple scoop for $7 is their best value. 

I love ice cream.

BLVD Creamery's version of mint chocolate chip isn't the best I've had, but it was still really tasty and perfect for keeping cool. The ice cream was also smooth and creamy, while the single scoop was actually a good portion size for me. 


In addition to ice cream, BLVD Creamery also offers other desserts in a display case next to the cash register. The macarons totally caught my eye and I was really tempted to buy one (or more...). 

BLVD Creamery was a nice break indoors away from the heat. I would love to try their other ice cream flavours like tres leches or snickers to name a few. They are open daily from 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM. 

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  1. The space itself is great. The bar and restaurant occupies two levels, with a great balcony looking out over the city. I had a great time people watching at LA event venues, especially since it was close to festive season.