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What the Truck?! July 10, 2015

There are so many events happening in Edmonton this weekend! Edmonton Airshow, 4th Street Promenade Al Fresco Block Party, and Edmonton International Fringe Festival are just some of the events you can check out (click here for a complete list of events and activities to do in the city this weekend). On my list this weekend is What the Truck?!, a food truck extravaganza event happening Saturday August 22 (today!) from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Telus Field (10233 96 Ave NW).

What the Truck?! celebrates food trucks and food truck culture by bringing together many food trucks in one location. There have been three What the Truck?! events this year, with two more left for the season (one today and one on September 11, 2015). What the Truck?! has become a favourite event to attend because I love being able to try a wide variety of food truck food at one time.

What the Truck?! at Northlands Park.

This blog post is about the What the Truck?! event I checked out in July at Northlands Park which was held in conjunction with Park After Dark. This was my first time attending a What the Truck?! event at a location other than Churchill Square, so I was really excited to see how the evening would go at a new place.

This event was also the first time testing a new ticket-based line management system which help the trucks communicate to attendees when they are (close to) running out of a particular menu item. I thought this new method was great, although it does require more planning and looking at the menus beforehand. 

Duck Fat Fries.

My goal for this event was to try food from food trucks that were new to What the Truck?!. My first pick for the evening: Duck Fat Fries ($8) from Northlands' own food truck 1879 Where Taste Begins. On top of fresh cut kennebec fries were elephant garlic, herbs grown from Northlands Urban Farm, and Bernie sauce. I loved how this was full of garlic flavour, while the sauce had a nice tang to it. Sadly, I found this menu item to be a little disappointing overall because the fries alone didn't seem freshly fried and lacked a desirable crispiness. Essentially, the fries only tasted good if there was sauce to accompany it, but I also felt there wasn't enough of the sauce.

Jamaican Beef Patty.

Next I tried a Jamaican Beef Patty ($7) from Meat Street Pies, another food truck new to What the Truck?!. Inside the flaky pastry were ground beef, scotch bonnet pepper, and onions with spices and spicy herbs. Taking my first bite, I was surprised at how flaky the pastry was! Superrrrrr flaky. The flakiness was a bit much for mine and CJ's liking, although we did enjoy the ground beef and the level of heat and spiciness we got with every bite. We ended up drinking all our water trying to finish this off!

Mixed Berry Sorbet.

After the spicy kick we got with the Jamaican beef patty, CJ and I just wanted something refreshing to cool down with. I suggested Dolce & Banana's Mixed Berry Sorbet ($4.50) which was made up of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries - pretty much my favourite fruits in one cup. I loved the texture of the sorbet and the combination of all the berries: a little sweet and a little tart, but overall very delicious.

Dinner with a side of horse. Hehe.

What the Truck?! at Northlands Park was really fun, and my favourite part of the event was definitely the location this time around! A warm summer evening grabbing a few bites with Park After Dark happening nearby made for a memorable Friday date with CJ. Line-ups were much shorter at this event compared to the kick-off event at Churchill Square back in May, so it certainly allowed for more chances to try more food. Even though I tried fewer food items than I had hoped, What the Truck?! at Northlands Park is my favourite What the Truck?! event I've attended so far! Heading to Northlands Park was a nice change in scenery for CJ and I. 

A reminder: today's What the Truck?! event at Telus Field is the last chance to enter to win a Golden Ticket which lets the winners enjoy a 20 minute head start and skip the lines for the final September 11, 2015 event. There are two ways to win a ticket, which you can read about here

Here is my entry to win a Golden Ticket. Use the hashtag #wttgoldenticket on social media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook): 

See you foodies at Telus Field tonight! 

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