Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Las Vegas: Gordon Ramsay BurGR

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I would write about some of my Las Vegas and Southern California food adventures, so here is the first one of many!

During my stay in Las Vegas, I was determined to check out celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurant called BurGR. This restaurant features a casual burger concept and is located inside Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (specifically in the casino).

Fire display.

The first thing you might notice before stepping inside the restaurant is this 30 foot long fire display. I loved how the flames energized the room, and it really sets the tone for an exciting visit. 

The interior.

I was expecting a long wait knowing the popularity of this restaurant, but surprisingly my mom and I were seated almost immediately. Our table was positioned towards the outside of the restaurant, so we weren't able to take in the entire space or atmosphere. Nevertheless, I was happy being close to some natural light! 

The menu part 1.
The menu part 2.
The menu part 3!!

Gordon Ramsay BurGR obviously focuses on burgers, but they also offer snacks, salads, fries, "Devil Dawgs", and shakes. I thought most of the menu items were decently priced and this restaurant is definitely one of the not-as-expensive options on The Strip.

Shake #4 (left) and Shake #3 (right).

Shortly after ordering, the first thing we received were our shakes. So quick! I chose Shake #4 ($9) which consists of crème brulee pudding, oreo shake, and an oreo cookie on top. I started by eating just the pudding and it was delicious on its own. I thought it was pretty neat how at first I would only be drinking the oreo shake, but over time the pudding began to meld with the rest of the drink. My shake then became quite thick and perhaps a little too sweet for my liking. However, I did enjoy the experience of trying this despite its hefty cost. My mom picked Shake #3 ($9) which comes with butterscotch pudding, banana shake, and a snickerdoodle cookie. She also enjoyed hers overall but did comment on the level of sweetness in the drink. 

Sweet Potato Fries.

To start off our lunch, we ordered Sweet Potato Fries ($9). The fries are topped with vanilla powdered sugar and served with some honey jalapeño mayo. I love sweet potato fries, and these ones at BurGR were great. The fries were hot and crispy and actually went really well with the subtly sweet powdered sugar. The best part was the dip, which was a mix of sweet and spicy. 

Farm Burger.

I was very excited to try one of Gordon Ramsay's burgers! I wasn't sure which burger to get at first, but when I read that the Farm Burger ($15) came with a fried egg I knew it was the one for me. In my opinion, anything with a fried egg tastes amazing. Additionally, the burger comes with duck breast bacon and English sharp cheddar. So how did it taste? Really, really good! I absolutely loved every bite. The burger patty, which is grilled over apple and alder wood, was juicy, tender, and seasoned well with a nice char. I was happy to see that both the patty and the lightly toasted, pillowy bun weren't so overwhelmingly thick. The fried egg added a pleasant richness, while the cheddar cheese was distinct and creamy. With the addition of the bacon, it made for a very delicious meal. The Farm Burger is definitely one of the best burgers I've eaten. 

Chanterelle Burger.

My mom ordered the Chanterelle Burger ($16) for herself. This burger comes with chanterelle mushrooms, arugula, and figgy-onion jam. My mom was also really impressed with her burger and was all smiles as she ate. She even saved half her burger to give to my dad afterwards (hehe). 

iPad showing the menu.

I had a wonderful experience eating at Gordon Ramsay BurGR. The food I tried was excellent and arrived really fast, the atmosphere was very lively, and most notably, the service was amazing despite the number of people dining in. Our server was also friendly and regularly checked in on us. Another cool thing to note is that the menu items are shown on an iPad with pictures which can really help if you're more of a visual person and decide on what to eat based on pictures. I guess the main downside would be the pricing, such as the shakes which had a pretty steep price tag for what it was. Also, the fact that the burgers didn't already come with a side might be a negative point for some. Overall, I would say that I had a great time at BurGR and so did my mom! I highly recommend checking out BurGR if you're ever craving quality burgers while on The Strip. Who wouldn't want to dine in a celebrity chef's restaurant? 

Like BurGR's Facebook page and follow BurGR (and Gordon Ramsay's other Las Vegas restaurants) on Twitter (@GordonRamsayLV). 

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  1. Great food and great people with awesome styling and interior. Also great Los Angeles venues for cheap happy hour drinks. However, the downstairs beer selection is about as standard as it can be while upstairs can be a bit more creative.